Atlas data

The Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) contains a range of biodiversity data covering various aspects of the lives and nature of Australian species.

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Types of records

Record data in the Atlas represents either:


These data are supplemented by:

See Systems supported by the Atlas for information on the information systems used and supported by the Atlas to provide data.

Core Atlas data

For both specimen and observation records core data used in the Atlas includes:

Additional data fields are used according to the data standard applicable to the type of organism.

Profile data is also core to the Atlas, and may include:

Geospatial layers are used in the Spatial Portal to provide environmental, geopolitical and geographic contexts to the distribution of specimens/observations.

Data standards used in the Atlas

Several standards are preferred for data provided to the Atlas:

Conservation status codes

The Atlas applies an icon on a species’s home page if that species has a conservation status under Commonwealth or state legislation, or is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List.

See Atlas data sets for a list of the codes used in the Atlas.

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