Systems supported by the Atlas

As well, the Atlas is developing a Field Data Capture Toolkit.

Updating software

Two software applications have been updated by the Atlas to ensure their ongoing viability and compatibility with modern operating systems:

Both applications are available under Open Source licences.

Establishing Australian nodes

Australian nodes are being established for three data repositories:

Providing development resources

Several information systems are being actively supported by the Atlas, primarily through funding development activities:

Wallace Core mappings for TRIN Wiki. Photo courtesy of Garry Jolley-Rogers.

Information from all these systems will be included in the Atlas.

See also FAQ Identification keys

Providing software licences

The Atlas, in association with the Council of Heads of Australian Collections of Microorganisms (CHACM), provided, and assisted in implementing, BioloMICS software to manage collections of microorganisms. Assistance included helping migrate existing data, setting up the means to share data through the Atlas, training personnel, ensuring adequate technical support and developing a microorganism data schema to be used when sharing data.


Providing information

Specify 6 is Open Source software designed to manage natural history collections. The Atlas has been actively exploring with those institutions in need of new or better collection management software how best to help—including determining whether Specify 6 would be suitable for their collections. Several institutions have decided to adopt Specify 6.

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