What sort of feedback do you want?

The Atlas is interested in feedback on any aspect of the Atlas website. While the feedback screen may offer several categories for feedback, you can actually comment on anything on the Atlas site.

What happens to my feedback?

Depending on the nature of your feedback, there are several things that may happen to it. For example, if you…

  • report a bug, we will review your comments and schedule a bug fix.
  • question the accuracy of data, we will refer your comment to the data owner for consideration by them. If your feedback is correct, they will schedule a fix for the data; but if they stand by their data, they will post a comment saying why they believe their data is correct.
  • suggest an enhancement to the Atlas, we will consider it for inclusion in a future release.

Whatever your feedback, other Atlas users can vote on its importance and make their own comment on your feedback. We review all these comments and advise you of the action we intend taking.

What is UserVoice?

The UserVoice is feedback service used and moderated by Atlas staff. We use it to keep track of your feedback and to inform you of our response to your feedback.

You can use the Feedback button on the right hand side of every Atlas page to post a question or suggestion in the UserVoice Feedback forum and to read what other people have been saying.