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What is FieldData?

FieldData (also known as the BDRS, Biological Data Recording System) was developed by Gaia Resources on behalf of the Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) to help individuals, researchers, community groups and natural resource management groups collect and manage biodiversity data. For the citizen scientist, it provides a means to contribute sightings, photos and other files to a project and to then see and edit their records.

FieldData is Open Source software that can:


Functions of the software include:

What can FieldData do for you?

Citizen scientists can use the software to:

Naturalist groups can use the software to:

Environmental educators can use the software to:

Researchers and scientists can use the software to:

What can’t FieldData do for you?

FieldData is not an all encompassing naturalist/community group management system. It provides primarily the functionality required to record, manage and review observational data about species.

Neither is FieldData a development environment: it is an end user product. While it does take some work to install and prepare, it is not aimed at being a compartmentalised series of developer tools, but a product. To that end, work on things like APIs and so on has not been included.

Current implementations

Currently, FieldData has been implemented by the Atlas in several projects including:

A full list of the projects using the software is available from

Across all of our implementations of FieldData, one thing is common: we want to provide useful tools for people to use, but we also want to help make this data available to a wider audience, by allowing the data to be shared through the Atlas.

Installing FieldData

At the moment, installation of the software is a manual process, although we are working on easier methods to do this. At this time, installing a new version of the portal requires the following skills:

If you can do this, you will also need to have a minimum set of technical requirements before you can install the toolkit:

More detailed instructions on how to install the software are available on the wiki in the Google Code repository.

Note: The Atlas is not able to provide support to anyone wanting to install the software. Contact Gaia Resources for commercial support.

See Code samples for sample code that you can download and use in your own version of the software.

Hosting FieldData

The Atlas has a very limited capability to host an instance of the toolkit for citizen science and community groups. If you would like the Atlas to host a site for you contact us and we will consider your request.


Commercial support for the software is available from Gaia Resources.

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