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Dial W for Weeds

Spotted a weed? Snap a photo and send it in. Condamine Alliance is working with the Atlas of Living Australia to create a simple and fun smart phone app that people can use when they spot the weeds Chilean Needlegrass … Continue reading 

The Atlas in the Classroom

Want to use the Atlas to teach school students about Australian wildlife? This quick tutorial will show you how.  Whether your focus is frogs or ferns, the Atlas of Living Australia is a fantastic teaching resource. Built to be Australia’s … Continue reading 

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Atlas Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are now available and downloadable for iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android devices. Explore Your Area The mobile application allows users to retrieve lists of species recorded within an area, view details of the species such as recorded distribution, scientific name, … Continue reading 

New ways to keep in touch

The Atlas has changed its methods for keeping you informed about significant developments. We now have a means where you can receive email alerts about new blog posts on the website with a choice of frequencies. This replaces the previous … Continue reading 

Your new Atlas account

The Atlas has changed its methods for keeping you informed about significant developments via regular blog news postings, RSS and a Twitter account. The quarterly e-newsletter has been discontinued and replaced with regular blog news items posted on our site. To … Continue reading 

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