Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to attend the Atlas of Living Australia Science Symposium to be held June 12-13 in Canberra.  The Atlas has accomplished much over the past 5 years (see  For example, we now have over 36 million records, nearly 500 environmental layers, images, sounds, video, and over 640 million records have been downloaded for use in over 20,000 separate events.

We will be holding a series of talks on achievements that were enabled through use of the Atlas infrastructure, and providing demonstrations and tutorials on the use of the Atlas.

Please set these dates aside so that you can join us – and pass this message on to any colleagues that you feel might be interested.

Visit the Symposium website at to register your interest in joining us and receiving regular updates on the conference planning.

Alternatively, find the link to the Symposium website on the Atlas homepage (


John La Salle