ALA User Guide 9 – Generating a field guide

To generate a field guide of local species, you will first need to search for species in your location. For this, see User Guide 1—Finding the species recorded in your area.


It is possible that there are a large number of species at the location. From the list on the left, choose the group that you would like to see in the field guide.

With that group selected, click on Download.

Choose the Download reason from the drop down list. Select Species Field Guide, then Start Download.

A field guide will be generated. It has the name of the species, a picture and the occurrence records map.

If your selected group is large, you can filter the species in your list by going to View selected records.

There are a number of filters you can use. Look at the list under Narrow your results.

You can filter based on the common name of the species.

You could also filter the data from one particular ALA user. Check the box (or boxes) next to your chosen filter. Then click on INCLUDE selected items.

A list of the results will appear. Then click on Downloads.

Again, select Species field‐guide and choose a download reason from the drop down list for step 2. Click the Species Field Guide box, then Next.

A field guide with only the chosen species will be generated and the link will be emailed to you.

For a printable version of this User Guide, click here