BioCollect Hubs

What are ‘hubs’ in BioCollect?

The BioCollect system supports thematic sub-set views of projects and data. We call these “hubs”. Hubs provide a single point of access to projects which share a common theme, avoiding users having to search through lots of other projects which have nothing to do with the theme of interest. Hubs can be made for large organisations with many projects, large geographic areas, broad taxonomic groupings, or for combinations of these.

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Below is a list of current Hubs in BioCollect:

General Project Hubs

Australian Citizen Science Association Project Finder

A hub for the Australian Citizen Science Association (ACSA) listing all citizen science projects that BioCollect is aware of. The default view (when you first arrive at the site) is hub is set up to show only citizen science projects which Australians can contribute to, ie. projects occurring in Australia or world-wide. There is also a toggle switch to view all citizen science projects available globally which are registered in any of the currently connected systems.

Ecological Projects Hub

The ecological projects hub provides a portal in which anyone undertaking systematic environmental and ecological assessment and monitoring can create and manage their own projects, survey and data. Surveys created in this hub which qualify for inclusion in the TERN AEKOS system can easily submit those datasets to AEKOS.

NRM Works Projects Hub

The NRM Works projects hub provides a portal in which anyone undertaking environmental and ecological intervention activities (eg. revegetation, habitat & site restoration, weed/pest management, heritage assessment & protection, erosion management, water/drainage management, etc.) can create and manage their own projects and data. This is effectively a project management tool. Biodiversity data recorded in projects can be easily copied into the Atlas of Living Australia where it is used to improve research, environmental policy and environmental management outcomes.
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Special Purpose Custom Hubs

Australian BioBlitz Hub

A hub which focuses on BioBlitz events in Australia. Listed projects are all citizen science projects and are also accessible via the ACSA project finder. This hub is intended to be a 'one-stop-shop' for people wanting to run BioBlitz events and includes a lot of support materials, an event calendar and other information.

Australian Biocontrol Hub

A hub which focuses on biological control projects being run by a consortium of state agriculture agencies. The aim of these projects is to support the recording of populations of a range of biological control agents for numerous declared weed species and potentially other target species too. The hub itself and each project in this hub also contains a lot of useful information about species identification, management, etc. for both target and agent species.

Parks Victoria
Parks Victoria Projects Hub

A hub focused on projects that the Parks Victoria organisation is involved in, some that Parks Victoria is running itself and others in which they are partners.

Brisbane City Council Projects Hub

A hub for the Brisbane City Council to support the community groups and environmental education centres that it is working with to improve the biodiversity and environmental information on which the council bases it's planning and decisions.

ACT Waterwatch

This BioCollect hub is used by the ACT Waterwatch Program as a central portal for it's catchment-based communities to access and contribute monitoring data on water quality, marco-invertebrate surveys and riparian condition surveys.

Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessments (IBSA) - Western Australia

This hub is operated by the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. In this hub, the BioCollect project catalogue facility is being used as a mechanism for sharing proponent data amongst relevant regulatory Authorities in relation to development and exploration projects, primarily being undertaken by the mining industry. This has significantly improved the efficiency of the approvals component of the regulatory process.

Western Australian Biodiversity Science Institute

The WABSI partnership projects catalogue provides a searchable list of all biodiversity research projects in Western Australia.

The Tracks Hub

The Tracks Hub provides the back-end database for "The Tracks App". These partner applications were developed in collaboration with the Central Land Council to support Indigenous ranger groups throughout central Australia to consistently collect biodiversity data based on the presence of tracks and signs using traditional tracking methods. The Hub provides a central database through which this information across many groups can be shared and analysed.

Wiluna Rural Community School

A single project hub being run by the Wiluna Rural Community School to support their environmental education programme. The project allows school participants to collect species and environmental observation data and to use it for a variety of learning outcomes

Leonora District High School

A single project hub being run by the Leonora District High School to support their environmental education programme. The project allows school participants to collect species and environmental observation data and to use it for a variety of learning outcomes

Lachlan Catchment Landcare Projects

The LachLandcare Group is using this BioCollect hub for collecting data on it's monitoring and habitat restoration projects throughout the Upper Lachlan Catchment.

Vanuatu Environmental Science Society

A hub for the Vanuatu Environmental Science Society to create and manage their data collection projects.