Using FieldData


You need to be a registered user of a FieldData website to log a sighting.

To register:

  1. Open the provided link to the website.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign In’ menu item.
  3. In the text ‘If you have not already registered, you can do so here.’ click on the highlighted link word ‘here’.
  4. Enter the two words displayed in the Captcha tool.
  5. Fill in your registration details including a valid email address and a safe password.
  6. Click the REGISTER button. The site will send an email to your nominated account.
  7. Open your email inbox.
  8. Open the email from the site.
  9. Follow the instructions ‘To confirm your registration request please click on the following link (or copy and paste it into your browser); otherwise please delete this email.’
  10. Log in to the site.

Registration is complete.

For administrators

If a user cannot log in:

  • Check they have been set to ‘Active.
  • For security, reset their password and advise them of the change/request change on their next access.

Download the detailed registration instructions [.pdf 808KB].

Using My Locations

Creating a location

To draw a location:

  1. Log in to the target site.
  2. Click the ‘Admin – Personal Details – My Locations menu option’.
  3. Select the appropriate tool from the icons on the top of the map:
    • Draw a polygon
    • Draw a line
    • Draw a point
    • Drag a feature
    • Select and modify feature
  4. Draw the desired feature.
  5. Give the feature a name that means something to you and enables you to tell your and other locations apart.
  6. Save the location.

Using saved locations

To use a saved location:

  1. Open a survey to log a sighting.
  2. Select your location from the list of locations.
  3. Complete the survey and save the sighting.

For administrators

Check that the ‘Restrict record locations to this list only’ checkbox in the locations screen is not checked.

Download the detailed instructions on using My Locations [.pdf 931KB].

Logging your sightings


You log sightings into a survey.

Each survey includes on screen help and instructions explaining what the survey is to be used for.

The Atlas will, in due course, develop a detailed set of instructions to explain the various survey types and available configuration options.

This site initially offers two basic options for surveys:

  • the ability to log either single or multiple species in a single record, against one of your locations (a point you place on the map)
  • specified survey locations.

Viewing your sightings

Two options for reporting sightings are being developed:

  • Review my sightings
  • View all records

Currently (January 2012) neither option is complete but are progressively demonstrating more advanced functionality over time.


Download detailed instructions on:


Resolving the mobile display vs web page display issue on iPads and tablets

Click on/copy and then paste/enter the following link on the affected device to reset to standard page display.

Darwin Core Archive: a new way of accessing toolkit content

As of Build R46 a new DWC archive (DwCA) download option has become available. To invoke this download, append the following text to the URL from bdrs-core/ forwards:


Importing species profiles with the help of Google Refine

Gaia (developer of FieldData) have an interesting blog post about how they used Google Refine to import species profiles from the Atlas into FieldData (or the BDRS as they call it).

Useful tools

Species to LSIDs Excel spreadsheet macro. Does not work for Macs.