Upload data sets

Upload data sets

The ALA accepts datasets in a variety of ways. If you plan to be updating your dataset regularly (monthly or more often), the ALA has a separate Data Mobilisation guide. If you have a dataset that you will not be planning to update, or only update infrequently, you can download one of the templates below, fill it in, and submit it to the ALA Data Management Team who will arrange for it to be included in the Atlas.

Download a data set template

Read the data set template FAQ.

Test your data online

You can test your data using these tools:

Decide on a license for your data

The Atlas of Living Australia offers an integrated set of biological observations to Australian and International researchers and the community. This requires that each dataset be licensed in a way that ensures that researchers and the community are able to reuse data that you submit.

Our preferred license is the Creative Commons Zero license, by which you can dedicate your data to the Public Domain. This provides for the simplest reuse of your data, given the thousands of datasets in the Atlas.

We also support the Creative Commons Attribution license, where users of your data are required to attribute their use of your data to you.

Other licenses may be acceptable but will only be approved under specific circumstances, as other licenses add more conditions that the Atlas and its users would need to be aware of and follow.

We do not accept data under any of the Creative Commons licenses that include the “No Derivatives” term, as the Atlas itself is a derivative and all of our services allow derivatives to be created as a result of searches.

Submit your data to the Data Management team

Data set upload is currently not available using this website. Contact the Data Management team if you wish to upload a data set. The Data Management Team can provide you with guidance on how to structure and describe your data set.