Director’s Report

Atlas developments in 2011. Read »

Atlas Partners

Museum volunteers help with rapid digitisation. Read »
New Climatewatch website launched. Read »
Next-generation portals for herbaria and museums. Read »
Queensland Museum collections safe from floods. Read »
The value of biological collections. Read »
Traditional owners welcome first Victorian BushBlitz. Read »

What’s New

Keeping up to speed with ALA’s new blog. Read »

Atlas Data

ALA continues to focus on data quality. Read »
ALA to include Australian coral data. Read »
New data and/or photos in the ALA. Read »

Atlas Website

Let’s explore what’s in your area. Read »

Citizen Science

ALA and the Great Eastern Ranges initiative. Read »
New ALA technology helps Birds Australia. Read »
New field guide to Victorian fauna for smart phones and devices. Read »
The ALA and the Bird Interest Group network (BIGnet). Read »
The potential of citizen science. Read »


Have you seen this seaweed in Victoria? Read »

For Budding Scientists

Pollen under the microscope. Read »


ALA new starters since last newsletter. Read »
Tim Entwisle appointed Director of Conservation, Living Collections and Estates, Kew Gardens. Read »


15th International Congress of Myriapodology, Brisbane, 18-22 July 2011. Read »
International Botanical Congress, Melbourne, 23-30 July 2011. Read »
Taxonomic Databases Working Group (TDWG), New Orleans, USA, 16–21 Oct 2011. Read »
Open Source Developers Conference, Canberra, 14–18 Nov 2011. Read »
Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference, Hobart, 21–25 Nov 2011. Read »
International Barcode of Life Conference, Adelaide, 28 Nov-3 Dec 2011. Read »
10th Invertebrate Biodiversity & Conservation Conference, Melbourne, 4–7 Dec 2011. Read »
25th International Congress for Conservation Biology, Auckland, 5–9 Dec 2011. Read »


UNAA World Environment Day Awards 2011 Nominations. Read »