Collecting in the Simpson Desert by camel, Day 5

Day 5 - Photo 13: Andrea collecting butterflies
Camp Day 5 (July 6th). Lat -23 .88830. Long 138.60693. Time 7.37 pm.
By Paul Flemons, Australian Museum
Weather magnificent blue sky very light breeze. Last night was very cold. The clear skies will ensure another cold night tonight.

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We are camped on a dry clay pan north of Pulchera Waterhole. Having finished walking by 1pm Beth and I pinned out the specimens from last night’s light trapping which had far less activity than our previous effort two nights ago. This was due to the night being much colder, though we still managed to collect a number of micro Lepidoptera (moths). After pinning for several hours, we wandered over to another nearby clay pan that was flooded and collected from grasses and shrubs using sweeping, beating and hand collecting.

Day 5 - Photo 19: Light sheet trapping at Pulchera Waterhole Day 5 - Photo 18: Briefing

Highlights of the day

Birds: Orange Chat, Crimson Chat, Flock Bronzewing, Banded Lapwing, White-backed Swallow.
Reptiles: Central Military Dragon , Central Bearded Dragon.

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Day 5 - Photo 12: Flock Bronzewing Day 5 - Photo 16: Campsite day 5 Day 5 - Photo 17: Banjo the camel Day 5 - Photo 11: Paul and old field vehicle Day 5 - Photo 15: Flooded clay pan Day 5 - Photo 7: Gonodontis stramenticea Day 5 - Photo 6: Hippotion scrofa Day 5 - Photo 1: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 5: Bogong Moth Day 5 - Photo 9: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 4: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 3: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 8: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 2: Identification please Day 5 - Photo 14: Paul beating Gidgee