International Botanical Congress 23-30 July 2011

IBC 2011 logo
Registrations are now open for the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne, Australia, from 23 – 30 July 2011. The Congress President, Judy West, on behalf of the Australian botanical community, invites you to Melbourne, Australia in 
July 2011 to participate in the XVIII International Botanical Congress (IBC):

has a vibrant scientific community active across all botanical disciplines and its researchers play a prominent and highly collaborative role in international biological sciences.

The Australian flora, with its many endemics and strong Gondwanan element, provides a unique opportunity full of inspiring experiences for the botanical visitor. Its ancient landscape includes vast deserts, tropical and temperate rainforests, floristically rich heathlands and unique eucalypt forests. Marine environments include a rich flora and the most extensive coral ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef.

Australia’s botanical community is eager to welcome our colleagues from around the world to the 2011 IBC for an intellectually stimulating and socially memorable occasion.”

Download the Registration Brochure & Call for Abstracts (PDF, 4.2MB)