March 2010 newsletter summary

March 2010 – Atlas activities, articles and reports, media releases, conferences and workshops, biodiversity weblinks

Atlas activities

  • Miles Nicholls, Data Analyst reports on the Data Integration project
    The ALA is bringing together information that will deliver species profiles. Data owners who would like to contribute data can discuss it with the team.
  • John Tann, Collection Data Management Team Leader reports on the Collection Data Management project
    Jörg Holetschek from the Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem is touring Australia to share his knowledge on BioCASE.
  • Lee Belbin, Geospatial Data Management Team Leader reports on the Geospatial Data Management project
    Meet the three new planners who have joined the geospatial team and read about a recent meeting to provide advice to the ALA on the toolkit.
  • Benay Wettle, User Centered Designer reports on the ALA user interface design
    The ALA is looking for volunteers to help ensure the ALA will be as intuitive as possible.
  • Helen Thompson from the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) reports on Australian National Species Lists. (article no longer available)
    The ALA User Needs Analysis identified as a priority delivery by the ALA of a well-managed set of tools to assist users to use species names in consistent ways. The Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) is partnering the ALA to progress the completion of national species lists.

Partners/Stakeholders update

  • Ken Walker from Museum Victoria reports on Pests and Diseases Image Library – PaDIL. (article no longer available)
    The name PaDIL will now be used to describe a suite of Biosecurity and Biodiversity products. It is currently undergoing some major changes.


  • Bush Blitz launched
    To mark the International Year of Biodiversity, Environment Minister Peter Garrett has launched Australia’s largest nature discovery project.

Scientist survey

  • The Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE) is inviting scientists to participate in an online-survey about scientists and how they work.