You might have noticed that the Atlas of Living Australia website has gone through a few changes in appearance over the past 6 months. We are currently upgrading our user interfaces to be consistent with our refreshed homepage.


This week the Atlas released a redesigned version of our Report a Sighting page, which allows users to report on sightings of species and upload their images to the Atlas. The map functionality has been simplified and we’ve added a new tool called “location-based species suggestion tool” which provides thumbnail images of species that are known to occur in the user’s location. The page has also been optimised for use on mobile phones and tablets.


Report a Sighting UPDATEDLocation Specific Species


The Atlas has some exciting new identification tools in development that are soon to be released. We are also working on the capability to join the Atlas through your existing Social Media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the ALA website upgrades, please send to