TDWG – Biodiversity Information Standards

Taxonomic Database Working Group


The Atlas of Living Australia aims to provide users with powerful tools to access well-managed structured data which can be integrated into a wide range of tools and analyses. To make this happen, the ALA depends on the existence of common data standards and protocols which ensure that data records are compatible. The Taxonomic Databases Working group (TDWG) is an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing such standards.

Sharing data with the ALA – Data Standards

Draft guidelines on how to make a range of types of data available through the Atlas are available at data standards.

The following data standards developed and supported by TDWG are of particular relevance to the ALA:

Biodiversity Information Projects of the World

TDWG maintains an online database of projects active in the sphere of biodiversity informatics. This is a valuable resource for discovering activities related to the ALA (

Biodiversity Information Networks Database

TDWG also maintains an online database of biodiversity data networks (

Biodiversity Informatics Events Database

TDWG maintains an third online database to track conferences and other events relating to biodiversity informatics (