The Atlas has changed its methods for keeping you informed about significant developments via regular blog news postings, RSS and a Twitter account.

The quarterly e-newsletter has been discontinued and replaced with regular blog news items posted on our site. To be alerted about these posts via email you need a My Profile account on the Atlas site.

If you previously subscribed to receive the e-newsletter (generally prior to April 2011) and did not have an Atlas account, we have created one for you in order to send you new Atlas blog postings on a monthly basis. You can opt out altogether or change the frequency.

An Atlas My Profile account allows you to contribute sightings and images to the Atlas, track sessions within the Spatial Portal and ask to be alerted of any new additions to the Atlas, including Atlas blog news postings.

Once you have logged in, you can alter the frequency or enable/disable your blog posting alerts. Read how »

If you wish to have your account deleted and receive no blog post email notifications, please email

Default Atlas accounts

In all the headers is a ‘My profile’ and ‘Log in’ (or ‘Log out’) link. Click the Log in link.

MyProfile & Login in the header

MyProfile & Login in the header

The email you registered with us for the Atlas newsletter is the email to use for your Atlas login. Your default Password has been assigned based on the name portion of your email address. That is the characters before the ‘@’ in your email address. If your email name portion is shorter than six characters you will need to repeat your full email name portion, until your password exceeds six characters.

We ask that you reset your password from the default one we provided.

Some Email and Default Password Examples:

Example Login Screen

Example Login Screen - Password would normally be obscured

Email Password Comments john.doe Greater than 6 chars, use all email name martin Exactly 6 chars, use all email name alanalan Less than 6 chars, repeat email name until >= 6 chars jojojo Less than 6 chars, repeat email name until >= 6 chars

How to reset my password

The Login page has a link to Reset Your Password.

Reset Your Password

Reset Your Password

Pressing the ‘Send Password Reset Link’ button will send you a link to your email address allowing you to enter a new password. There is a time limit of 48 hours.