2014 Symposium Presentations

Presentations made available from the ALA Science Symposium 2014 at the Australian Academy of Science, Canberra 11-12 June.

Name Ext Size
Enhancement and quality control of fungi distribution data from Fungimap in the Atlas of Living Australia (Lyn Allison) pdf 3.37 MB
Atlas Gaps and Horizon (Lee Belbin) pdf 3.31 MB
Home and Away: Checking and improving descriptions of tree species climatic requirements (Trevor Booth) pdf 2.06 MB
The Atlas of Living Australia: field data capture – an integrated future (Peter Brenton) pdf 3.04 MB
Global Biodiversity Data: vital part of global biodiversity policy and management? … or The Emperors New Clothes? (Peter Bridgewater) pdf 1.61 MB
Participation in a volunteer digitisation project from a collection management perspective (David Britton) pdf 2.75 MB
Creating true-colour 3D models of Insects (Chuong Nguyen et al) pdf 1.09 MB
Using the ALA spatial portal to map plant and animal distributions across bioregions (Suzanne Clark) pdf 4.52 MB
The Atlas of Living Australia for teaching biogeography: distributions and climate change (Simon Connor) pdf 3.06 MB
ALA Future Directions: two-way Aboriginal engagement with the ALA (Emilie Ens) pdf 5.43 MB
Crowdsourcing for Digitisation: BVP Use Patterns and Future Directions (Paul Flemons) pdf 1.34 MB
Education and the ALA (Taryn Johnson) pdf 1.79 MB
The Atlas of Living Australia: 2014 Perspective (John La Salle) pdf 1.05 MB
Australian macrofungi have wide distributions that are explained by climate (Tom May) pdf 4.58 MB
Valuing access to the Atlas and Collections (Paul Wwebaze) pdf 269 KB
The Art of Science: matching ALA data and heritage artworks in a mobile app (Anna Namuren) pdf 1.21 MB
South Australian Biological Data & ALA (Helen Owens) pdf 483 KB
Incorporating Indigenous Biocultural Knowledge into the ALA (Petina Pert & Pethie Lyons) pdf 2.38 MB
A phylogenetic view on aggregated biodiversity data (Rebecca Pirzl et al) pdf 1.34 MB
Reef Life Survey data access (Roger Proctor) pdf 3.45 MB
Desktop analysis with Atlas data: ALA4R (Ben Raymond) pdf 1 MB
The Quest: How Online Gamers Can Save Australia’s Biodiversity (Andrew Robinson) pdf 8.35 MB
The potential of MERIT to enable Indigenous knowledge and land management activities to inform national policy questions (Cathy Robinson) pdf 258 KB
Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement Tool (MERIT) (Nathan Sibley) pdf 366 KB
The NextGen ALA and Identification (Kevin Thiele) pdf 1.16 MB
Crowdsourcing the constellation of sea stars with the Biodiversity Volunteer Portal (Alexis Tindall) pdf 2.10 MB
Field Guide apps to Australian Fauna (Elycia Wallis) pdf 5.10 MB
Can citizen science contribute to biosecurity surveillance? (Marijke Welvaert) pdf 370 KB
Advances in managing images from biological collections (Mark Woolston) pdf 2.21 MB

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Lee Belbin