ALA Fact Sheet

Fact sheets

  • Atlas of Living Australia Fact Sheet (Oct 2014) - PDF (3.4 MB)
  • The Atlas of Living Australia and the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative - a Collaborative Project (June 2011) - PDF (197 KB)
  • ALA MorphBank Fact Sheet (November 2010) - PDF (492 KB)

Case Studies

Atlas reports

  • Belbin, Lee, 2012. The Atlas of Living Australia in the Classroom. A training session for the Scientists in Schools program held at CSIRO, Hobart, July 2012. 16 pages with images. PDF (1.7MB)
  • Belbin, Lee, 2011. The Atlas of Living Australia. In, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of Australia 41(4) December 2011, pp 23-24 - PDF (21KB)
  • Belbin, Lee, 2011. The Atlas of Living Australia’s Spatial Portal. In, M.B. Jones and C. Gries (eds.), Proceedings of the Environmental Information Management Conference 2011 (EIM2011), 39-43. University of California, doi:10.5060/D2NC5Z4X – PDF (618KB)
  • ALA report to partners, October 2011PDF (2.7MB)
  • Citizen Science focus group report V03, (B Wettle, 13 May 2010) – PDF (1.3MB)
  • Environmental Data Library Workshop, (P Flemons & L Belbin, 22-23 April 2010) – PDF (715KB)
  • ALA Spatial Analysis Tools Workshop Report, (P Flemons et al., 3-4 December 2009) - PDF (1.2MB)
  • Our secrets are not your secrets – sensitive data report and proposed policy , (J Tann & P Flemons, October 2009) – PDF (615KB)
  • ALA User Needs Analysis report, (J Tann et al., November 2008) – PDF (2.08MB)
  • Review of online and desktop tools for the ALA, (J Tann & P Flemons, February 2008) - PDF (6.8MB)

Atlas business plans

ALA Goanna & Starfish Postcard

Atlas postcards

  • Goanna & Starfish – Low res – PDF (160KB)
  • Frog & Sundew – Low res – PDF (131KB)
  • Rosella & Bees – Low res – PDF (143KB)
  • Echidna & Grevillea – Low res – PDF (156KB)

Atlas governance documents

ALA Management Committee (MC)

Other Atlas documents

  • Data Provider Agreement – PDF (165KB)

GBIF reports

  • GBIF. 2010. 'State-of-the-Network 2010: Discovery and Publishing of the Primary Biodiversity Data through the GBIF Network' by Chavan, V. S., Gaiji, S., Hahn, A., Sood, R. K., Raymond, M., and N. King. (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) - PDF (1.3 MB)
  • GBIF. 2010. 'Best practice guide for ‘Data Discovery and Publishing Strategy and Action Plans’ by Chavan, V. S., Sood, R. K., and A. H. Arino. (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) - PDF (803 KB)
  • GBIF ‘Global Strategy and Action Plan for mobilisation of Natural History Collections data’ (GSAP-NHC)’. Eight articles in a special issue of the Journal of Biodiversity Informatics, 7, 2010, pp.67 – 71, available at

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