Open Source software

All software created by the Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) is Open Source and generally covered by a Mozilla licence. At this time a limited suite of software is available for download and use:

    • BioLink—used for managing natural history collections
    • DELTA—used for creating descriptive identification keys
    • FieldData software—a suite of web-based software for community scientists and community science groups to record and manage biodiversity data in a standardised manner and to share the data with the Atlas.

In keeping with the principles of Open Source software, the Atlas makes no commitment to the on-going maintenance or development of this software and the software is used at the risk of the user.

See also:

  • Web services—for a list of the web services provided by the Atlas and associated information systems
  • Systems supported by the Atlas— for links to other Open Source software developed by other organisations with assistance from the Atlas