Tools review

In early 2008, the Atlas of Living Australia (Atlas) prepared a report on the available software that could be used to support the Atlas, including:

  • data cleaning, validation and manipulation, eg spelling, misnaming, georeferencing, validation
  • visualisation, eg maps, graphs, images, tables
  • georeferencing, eg gazetteers
  • data analysis, eg environmental niche modelling; survey gap analysis
  • taxonomy, eg identification
  • name resolution, eg name servers
  • genes, eg genetic data analysis
  • metadata, eg creation, collating, data discovery
  • non-biological data, eg environmental data such as GIS layers, site specific data
  • bibliography
  • field data collection, eg portable digital devices
  • collaboration, eg shared workspaces
  • other, including feedback, user interface, capture of non-electronic data, provider interaction.

Tools for database interaction were not investigated, as they were considered to be intrinsic to the system architecture, a feature not then determined.

While the report has not been updated it is provided for information and historical purposes.

Download the Atlas Tools Review [.pdf 7MB].