April 2010 newsletter summary

April 2010 - Atlas activities, articles and reports, media releases, conferences and workshops, biodiversity weblinks

From the Director

  • Donald Hobern talks about simple ways to share species information. (article no longer available)
    The ALA aims to bring together all available information on species found in Australia – and to make it as easy as possible for any researcher or other user to help to complete the picture.
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Partners/Stakeholders update

  • Matt Taylor, Centre for Biological Information Technology, University of Queensland reports on the IdentifyLife project. (article no longer available)
    CBIT is developing a framework for handling descriptive data that will provide a new model for interactive identification, capable of scaling to millions of species.
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  • John La Salle, Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO Entomology reports on the launch of a Virtual Taxonomy Laboratory »
    Late last year CSIRO and the Chinese Academy of Science opened a VTL between the Australian National Insect Collection and the Institute of Zoology in Beijing.

Atlas activities


  • ECOS article: Living atlas … coming to a screen near you
    Universities, museums, CSIRO and government agencies are working together on a visionary program to link all existing data on Australia’s life-forms into an online ‘encyclopaedia of life’ with single portal access.
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