Bush Blitz Top 10 New Species Competition

Bush Blitz Top 10 New Species Competition

  • By Robyn Lawrence
  •  August 13, 2010
  •  Tags:  Blogs & news Citizen science

Now open for voting!

Jo Harding, Bush Blitz Manager, Australian Biological Resources Study, DSEWPaC (formerly DEWHA).

Sea Spider

Sea Spider © Claudia Arango

  • A land snail that is named after Steve Irwin? A spider that lives in the sea?
  • A fly that was first found preserved in amber on a Queensland beach?

These are just some newly discovered Australian species that are part of the Top 10 Species competition.

Voting is now open to vote for your favourite new species through the Bush Blitz website.

School students are encouraged to vote and enter the draw to win great prizes.

But hurry, voting closes on the 22nd of August 2010.

Prizes include an inside peak at species discovery for primary and middle (years 7 – 10) school students through a visit to their nearest state or territory museum for their entire class. Senior high (years 11 & 12) school students will win the opportunity to participate in a real ‘Bush Blitz’ with scientists. The winning species and prize winners will be announced during Biodiversity Month (September 2010).

Bush Blitz Logo

Bush Blitz is a three-year $10 million partnership to document the plants and animals in properties across Australia’s National Reserve System.

The Bush Blitz partnership is led by the Australian Government, BHP Billiton, conservation research group Earthwatch and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network. Also involved are CSIRO, state museums and herbaria, all state and territory governments and dozens of Australia’s top scientists and volunteers.