iNaturalist App

The iNaturalist app is freely available for recording observations of flora, fauna and fungi.  Observations made in Australia are harvested regularly to the Atlas of Living Australia.

If you use the app, you can set your iNaturalist profile to be affiliated with iNaturalist Australia in your account settings.

Find it in these app stores:

BioCollect App

The BioCollect mobile app. is a generic app providing access to projects and surveys in the BioCollect system. Offline support is currently not available for this app, but is planned for development in the near future. Please contact us for more information.

mobile_icon-app_store_btn BioCollect app in the Apple App Store for your iPhone or iPad

mobile_icon-google_play_btn BioCollect app in the Google Play Store for your Android device

Key features:

  • Android and Apple iOS versions.
  • Record data offline.
  • Automatic data upload to the BioCollect database.
  • Access all of your projects from the one app.
  • Integrated device tools (GPS, camera, etc.) for data recording.
  • GPS-based search – projects near me or specified location.

Enhancements and new features for the apps are still being developed and updates will be available via the app stores in the usual way.

If you have something positive to say, please comment via the store. If you’d like to provide adverse comments or constructive suggestions for improvements or new features, we welcome your feedback via