User needs analysis

User needs analysis

  • By Robyn Lawrence
  •  June 11, 2008
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Help us build the Atlas of Living Australia!

What can you do for the Atlas of Living Australia today? We need your contacts in biodiversity – lots of them, and from as many different fields as you can identify. We want to ask them (and you) a few simple questions.

John Tann, Paul Flemons and Lynda Kelly at the Australian Museum are undertaking a user needs study with the aim of understanding how the ALA can simplify, streamline and support biodiversity work. Over the next few months we will be seeking information from a broad range of people who work with biodiversity information to find out how they use biodiversity data and where they find it. The process will initially involve brief email surveys, followed by more detailed interviews of selected use cases.

Part of this study will involve focus groups where we will work with participants from specialist backgrounds to identify and expand on potential use case scenarios. Wherever possible, we would like these sessions to happen in conjunction with scheduled scientific meetings to allow us to tap into a wide range of expertise.

We also plan to run a workshop at the TDWG conference in Perth in October to explore two or three use cases in detail. Those attending will be invited to contribute ideas on what is known, what services are needed and what user interfaces are required.

Please send John Tann information on your contacts in the biodiversity world (name, institution and email address), and details of any scientific meetings or conferences scheduled in Australia between now and October.