In August 2022 the ALA celebrated National Science Week! It was exciting to share, discuss and celebrate science with you over a series of three online events throughout the week.

Hear from ALA and Industry experts discussing careers in STEM, learn how to use the ALA R-package galah and follow along for an introductory how-to beginner’s guide to the ALA.

ALA events

ALA Webinar: STEM Career Stories

Tuesday 16 August, 2022

As Australia’s national biodiversity database, the Atlas of Living Australia delivers trusted data services for Australia, supporting world-class biodiversity research and decision-making. Our data are used by a range of professionals from different fields, such as research, government, museums & herbaria, and industry, just to name a few. As diverse as these fields are, they all share something in common, and that’s the potential for an exciting career in STEM. In this webinar, hear from three speakers who have followed their passions to forge unique and rewarding career paths in STEM.

ALA How-to Session: Intro to {galah}

Wednesday 17 August, 2022

At the ALA, we store biodiversity data in a way that is open and accessible, but the ALA website is not the only way to access them!

Our R package {galah} gives you the tools to query the ALA directly and work with data in your preferred way. Join us for a step-by-step guide to getting started in {galah}.

Please note: some basic familiarity with RStudio is recommended.

ALA How-to Session: Beginner’s guide to using the ALA

Thursday 18 August 2022

The Atlas of Living Australia aggregates biodiversity data and stores them in a way that is open and accessible. But what does this actually mean, and what can you use the ALA for? Find out in this interactive workshop!

Follow along as we share tips and tricks for getting the most out of the ALA. We’ll cover how to look up information about your favourite species, how to find out which species have been recorded in your local area, plus much more! Beginner friendly.