New ALA helpdesk

Making it easier to access ALA support.

At the end of 2017, with help from our colleagues at the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources project (Nectar), we implemented a new help desk ticketing system to manage ALA support enquiries. You may notice that our replies to your enquiries look a bit different and (hopefully) our response times are faster. 

The new help desk directs all email enquiries to, and to the appropriate ALA support person and manages the responses until the problem is resolved. 

Nectar partners with Australian research institutions and research communities to develop and operate virtual laboratories, eResearch tools and a national research cloud. It provides computing infrastructure, software and services that allow Australia’s research community to store, access, and analyse data, remotely, rapidly and autonomously. Nectar has a range of tools available and Nectar Cloud’s self-service structure allows users to access their own data at any time and collaborate with others from their desktop in a fast and efficient way.

Thank you to Nectar for helping us install and manage our new ALA helpdesk.

Find out more about Nectar here.

If you need help using the ALA, please email,au .