The Atlas of Living Australia team have just released a new and improved version of the OzAtlas mobile device App, available for download onto Android phones and tablets from today.

This application will allow users to retrieve lists of species recorded within an area, and to view details of the species such as recorded distribution, scientific name, common names and images all from the ease of your mobile phone. It also allows users to submit species occurrence records with an image to the Atlas of Living Australia, and to view the latest images added to the Atlas.

Some new improvements to this version include:

  • Improved map tool with adjustable radius
  • Breakdowns of species by more user friendly groups e.g. Parrots, Perching Birds, Beetles
  • Improved record submission with extraction of EXIF information from supplied images
  • Improved GPS handling
  • Improved usability for the Android platform

It is also much more responsive than the current version.

The App is completely free and available right now at the google play store – click here to download

The new version is available only on Android phones and the iOS version remains unchanged however still contains the same features.

If you have an Android phone why not download the App today. Please note that this is a new version and not an update so users will need to reinstall if they already have a previous version on there phone.

Current users include: citizen scientists, academics/researchers, field ecologists and even school and university students. Share this blog with anyone who you think would like to know about this information.

While at the google play store have a look and see what other ‘Apps‘ the Atlas of Living Australia have on offer.

If you have any queries about the App and its features contact –