Recent Atlas of Living Australia recruitment

A warm welcome to all new Atlas staff, there have been many new starters since last time we reported on staff changes.

By Lynne Sealie and Robyn Lawrence, Atlas of Living Australia.
A warm welcome to all new ALA staff, there have been many new starters since last time we reported on staff changes.

Australian Museum, Sydney

Two new Business Analysts, Peter Stoneley and Marije Feddema, have recently commenced working for the ALA in the Collections Data Management team with John Tann.

CSIRO Corporate Park, North Ryde, Sydney

Dena Paris has begun working as Web Designer for the ALA, based at the CSIRO North Ryde Corporate Park. Dena is working 2.5 days per week for the ALA; increasing to 4 days per week after 30 June this year.

CSIRO ALA HQ, Epicorp building, Acton, Canberra

Robyn Lawrence has been seconded from DSEWPaC to work in the areas of communications, help, testing, user support.

Peter Flemming, Dr Mark Woolston and Dave Baird are three new developers working in the programming / systems team.

Peter Flemming has been working on annotations integration, the overall security model and with the Biodiversity Information Explorer.

Dr Mark Woolston is developing new directory tools for storing curatorial information about Natural History Collections.

Dave Baird has been working part-time helping to setup up the Biodiversity Heritage Library for the ALA. When he commences full-time work with the ALA in July, he will be redeveloping ANIC’s (Australian National Insect Collection) BioLink specimen and character online database.

Dr Peter Neville has a background as a research scientist and will be assisting in the project management of various ALA themes – Sharks and Rays, Acacia, Birds. He is responsible for project managing the development of the Natural History Collections directory; the Natural History Collection public pages and the Natural History Collections institutional editing tools.

Bryn Kingsford is working with the Data Manager, Miles Nicholls, to secure access to data from external contributors. This data will populate ALA’s BioCache – the observational and specimen records, and add to the geospatial layers in the ALA Geospatial Portal.

Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG), Acton, Canberra

Greg Clarke and Josh Matthews are two new developers working in the National Species Listing team with Greg Whitbread. Greg Clarke is prototyping new editing pages for the Flora of Australia and Josh is focusing on Australian Faunal Directory maintenance and upgrades.

Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS), Acton, Canberra

Dr Erika Alacs has started work compiling and editing species lists for the Australian Faunal Directory (AFD).
Dr Leah Schwartz has moved from the AFD editorial team into Bush Blitz.