The following  activities are designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum with a local focus, they are not the only ways that the ALA can be used in Year 9 and 10 classes. Feel free to amend these activities to suit your needs, or if you can see other ways to incorporate ALA use, please do so.

These activities are based around the Ecosystems topic in the Australian Curriculum – Science.

The Red-capped Robin (Petroica goodenovii) is found in a range of Australian eco-regions
An occurrence records map from the ALA for the Red-Capped Robin
An occurrence records map from the ALA for the Red-Capped Robin


Completion of the following activities requires students to have a basic understanding of some of the functions of the Atlas of Living Australia. The ALA User Guides provide simple instructions on the necessary processes, but we recommend that the teacher go through some of the ALA basics with the students first, especially given that most of the activities ask students in various ways to evaluate the ALA as a data source. Alternatively, feel free to contact if you have any specific questions about using the ALA in classes.


  1. What’s in your local area?
  2. Feeding relationships in your local area
  3. Rabbits and kangaroos in urban areas
  4. Biotic and abiotic factors in your local area
  5. Unusual discovery in your local area