The ALA’s core infrastructure upgrade project will replace the Atlas of Living Australia’s occurrence data core systems.

The new infrastructure will be fit-for-purpose, more maintainable and able to adapt to our future needs as Australia’s national biodiversity. System improvements will enable the ALA to manage increases in data volume and different types of data. ​

Throughout the project we will be working closely with the Global Biodiversity Infrastructure Facility (GBIF) and collaborating on a shared codebase.

The upgraded ALA’s species occurrence record ingestion systems were released in June 2021.  

For more information read our ALA Infrastructure Changes 2021 support articles or contact us on

Core Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Stage 1: Occurrence record ingestion system

In progress

Replace ALA’s occurrence record storage system and load processes

  • Prepare for increases in data volume and types
  • Create more robust system
  • Provide more consistency for the ALA and other data aggregators


  • ALA and GBIF to share common software codebase
  • Continue to liaise with Living Atlases community and iDigBio

Impact on users

  • No change to ALA user interface
  • Minimal impact on user experience

Stage 2: Metadata registry

In planning

Replace the ALA system that stores information on datasets, natural history collections and other data providers

  • Improve usability and consistency of metadata
  • Improve metadata discoverability


  • Leverage GBIF services
  • ALA and GBIF to establish common set of standards for coding, testing and documentation
  • Share updates with Living Atlases community and iDigBio

Impact on data providers

  • ALA will consult and codesign changes with natural history collection owners and other data providers

Stage 3: Web interface and API

In planning

Replace ALA user interfaces and web service API

  • Replace occurrence record search
  • Replace web service connections to occurrence records
  • Replace ALA hubs


  • Share software and standards between GBIF and ALA 
  • Share updates with Living Atlases community and iDigBio

Impact on ALA end-users

  • Communicate changes to all ALA users: researchers, government, land managers and community