Data in the Atlas of Living Australia is used by over 45,000 users to better understand the environment in areas such as biodiversity, conservation, biosecurity and agriculture.

High quality, well annotated and well described data is essential for the community to undertake meaningful research and to inform decision-making. We are continually working on ways to improve how users access data and have prioritised the Data Quality Project in 2020 to respond to feedback from ALA stakeholders and user groups.

The project includes communications and engagement activities; software development; and data management activities. 

Friday 27 March, 2020

We have finished our first sprint and have developed basic functionality to administer and apply pre-filters on quality attributes. The changes are currently being tested internally and will be released for public testing soon.

We are holding a teleconference with key stakeholders next Wednesday to review the development so far and set future priorities.

A report on the survey results will be released soon.
Wednesday 11 March, 2020
We have begun our first development sprint implementing set of data quality filters. Initially the filters will exclude some records based on data quality assertions, location and identification.

The data quality baseline survey has now closed, thank you to everyone that took the time to contribute. We received 243 responses and will be using the information and comments collected to help direct and measure the progress of the project.
Monday 2 March, 2020
We are currently organising a workshop with state, territory and federal government, the natural history collections, citizen science community and researchers to collect and prioritise Data Quality related issues for the project to address.

Thank you to everyone who has filled in our data quality baseline survey, it will close in just over a week. If you have a minute to help us measure your current views on the quality of data in the ALA please take the survey here.
Thursday 20 Feb, 2020
Take the Data Quality Baseline survey and help us measure your current views on the quality of data in the ALA.
Take the survey now.
Thursday 20 Feb, 2020
Data quality project launched. Read more…

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