Classroom Activities

Classroom activities are available for all ages from Foundation through Year 12 and they can be easily amended to suit your needs and your local area.

User Guides

There are also step-by-step User Guides for using the ALA. These guides not only take you through the process of carrying out some of the functions of the ALA, but also link from the classroom activities so they can be easily adjusted to suit your local area.

A number of these user guides give instructions on how to use some of the functions of the ALA’s Spatial Portal. If you would like additional help using the Spatial Portal, or would like to see some case studies of the Spatial Portal in use, browse Spatial Portal help articles.

Other Resources

Some other great resources are included below.

  • iNaturalist – a citizen science app for logging species sightings, as well as their Seek app, which is a fun way of learning about species identification.
  • QuestaGame – is a mobile game that gets players outdoors to engage with, learn about and help protect life on earth.