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Finding Pinot Noir - an example of how to use the Atlas

I like good wine. Fortunately these days, Australia has a huge number of excellent value wines. After many years enjoying Australia’s wonderful Shiraz, I’ve transitioned through Cabernets to Pinot Noir. However, finding good Pinot Noir is a lot harder than finding good Shiraz.


ALA4R is the first version of an R programming language package, which enables the R community to directly access data and resources hosted by the Atlas of Living Australia. Our goal is to enable outputs (e.g. observations of species) to be queried and output in a range of standard formats so that extensive analyses can be done in […]

Tabulation Case Study

Page contents:About the AuthorReferences Author: Lee Belbin Tabulation in the Spatial Portal of the Atlas of Living Australia is a powerful way of comparing how species and areas are partitioned. Think of tabulations as the categorical (class) equivalent to scatterplots. Scatterplots display species occurrences against two environmental variables represented as X and Y-axes, for example […]