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Many organisations conduct a wide range of different projects and it is often difficult to obtain a clear real-time view across all projects. BioCollect supports a diverse range of project types and can provide a single point access to them. It also provides aggregated views of collected data and output measures.

Organisations associated with projects automatically have an organisation page which allows them to to view and access all projects in BioCollect, including MERIT projects (required for Federal government funded projects) which they are involved in.

Features & benefits

  • An organisation’s projects in a single list giving a comprehensive real-time view of the status and outputs from the project portfolio.
  • All BioCollect and MERIT projects visible and accessible in one place.
  • All projects for an organisation on one map.

  • Combined searchable data from all projects.
  • Dashboard summaries of organisation data.
  • Associate multiple organisations with a project.
  • Self-maintainable organisation page information.
  • Independent URLs allow organisations to directly link to their project list from, or embed it in, their own web sites.